Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little Cinderella floor scrubbing

The other day as I was standing in the kitchen scrutinizing the tile floor I had just mopped, I realized it still wasn't clean. It was in desperate need of some help. I decided baking soda paste, a scrub brush, and a lot of elbow grease should be sufficient to tackle the daunting task.

I knelt down and started scrubbing. I was absolutely shocked that the tile beneath my brush was now white! I wanted to leave one tile left undone just to show my husband the contrast. Two and a half hours later the floor was sparkling clean. It looked like a whole new floor. The basement kitchen was much brighter than before. Even my sister-in-law commented on how bright it was downstairs before I told her about the deep scrubbing. Miss M was quite the helper too. She loved scrubbing one tile at a time and seeing the "dirty stuff" go away.

*To make the baking soda paste: put some baking soda in a bowl and add enough water to make a soft paste. The floor will need to be rinsed very well with water (2 or 3 times) or with a vinegar/water rinse.

I feel so happy every time I see the floor.

What's your best floor cleaning tip?

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