Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Changes, New Adventures

There are some big changes taking place in our little world right now.

I am excited and a little nervous.

First up - Today is Husband's last day of work at a job he has worked at for the past two years. It was supposed to be "the one" and we were really excited about it when he started. He's learned a great deal in the past two years. It's been tough, though. Really tough. Most weeks he has worked 60+ hours, and that doesn't include the after-hours at home or the weekend hours. He's been one busy guy.

We decided it is time to say goodbye.

Second - New job is exciting. Very exciting. Still a lot of work, but we will be working on it together. We'll set our own schedule and work our tails off. Husband will also be home more. We actually had dinner last night as a family. I've mentioned that is a rare thing around here, and I'm thrilled it will be happening more frequently. Probably on a daily basis!

Third - Sold my car. Decided we didn't need the car payment with the new job, just to be on the safe side. Also, Husband will be based at home. We'll survive with just one car again for now. Best part, got more out of it than we owe. Miss M will be getting her grass shortly. We are all thrilled about this. Oh, and her first bike.

Why the changes? Husband was no longer happy, which was also affecting me, and the kids weren't seeing their daddy nearly enough. All those work hours were stressing everyone out. We are fortunate enough that we can do something about. We will now be in more control of our lives, and we could not be more excited about it.

We have big dreams in this house.
Huge goals we want to accomplish.
We are off on a new adventure.

And we are just crazy enough to go for it.

Have you ever walked away from a sure thing for something you really wanted?
Were you excited, scared, or both?


  1. Congrats!! Change can be crazy, like you said - but just like your quote, its all about living! As you already know... our move to Tennessee seemed pretty insane - we were comfortable (italicize that!) and walked away from everything, but yet we knew and still know that the move was the best thing we ever did for our family. We were scared when we were initially making the decision - and my answer was that that feeling was not from Heavenly Father. Faith proceeds the miracle and we needn't fear if we're trying out best to follow the plan for us. Just hang on and enjoy the ride! :)
    Hoorah! And hoorah for family dinner together!!

  2. Wha??? I NEED to catch up with you. I will call you in one week when this is all over. Promise!

  3. Congratulations!
    I can tell you that I can relate. Take it one day at the take, and enjoy it.
    I remember right after we moved and we realized how different everything was we started listing 5 thins we were grateful for each day, we each shared it with each other every night.

    We did it because it helped us remember why we made our decision and it also kept us positive.

    My dad used to say that there wasn't anything more important that making our family happy, because if we were happy then everything worked out.

    Have fun being together.

  4. Jordyn - I know you can relate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Alli - Yeah, a lot going on since we talked last.

    Belky - I'm sure you big move took a huge leap of faith. You are amazing! I love the daily gratitude list idea. We are feeling happier already.

  5. My curiosity is peaked! Good luck and good for you guys to just go for it!


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