Monday, August 1, 2011

Lovely Weekend: Just about everything

This past week was amazing. Husband and I started working on our next big adventure. We spent so much time together as a family, and it was wonderful. We had dinner together four of the five week days. It was fun to have my little family together so much.

I spent the majority of Saturday trying to reclaim my house from the last few crazy weeks of job finishing and changing. Cleaning everything, doing dishes, laundry, and packing for our trips. Husband left early in the morning to drive to Idaho with his brother who is moving there with his family in a week. They unloaded a big moving truck and then drove back. Quick little trip.

My mom flew in from California Saturday afternoon. She will be watching the kids while Husband and I take off for the week. We had a dinner get together with some family friends Saturday evening. Two of them head off to law school in California, so we wanted to wish them well.

On Sunday, Husband and I drove to Los Angeles. We had dinner with a good friend, one of Husband's friends from high school. It was great to see him and get caught up.

Later this afternoon, we are catching a ship and sailing away. I can't wait!

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