Friday, June 17, 2011

Broccoli Water Popsicles

Last night as I was steaming broccoli for dinner, I remembered a funny thing my sister (J, aka Dr. J) and I did in high school. It started out when we saw the green-colored water at the bottom of the steaming pot my mom had just used to steam broccoli. Although the wording is not exact, it's pretty much what happened.

J: "Wow that water is really green!"
Mom: "When you cook vegetables, some of the vitamins and nutrients are lost in the water."
J: "So, that green water is full of broccoli nutrients? Maybe I should drink it."
Me: "Drink it? I guess it is full of good stuff, huh. Sounds like a good idea."
Mom: "You will still get plenty of good things from eating the broccoli."
J: "Maybe I should save the broccoli water."
Mom: "It would probably taste better as a popsicle."
Me: "Great idea, Mom. The popsicles would definitely taste better than just drinking it."

J and I get out the popsicle molds, dump the green water in and pop them in the freezer. All while my mom is probably thinking we are completely psycho.

A few hours later . . .

J: "Let's go check our popsicles."
Me: "Ok."
J: "They're done." Pulls one out.
Both: Sigh.
J: Tastes it. "It's not that bad. Plus, it's full of healthy stuff."
L: "Yeah, it's not that bad, Mom."

A few licks later . . .

L: "This is kind of gross."
J: "Yeah, you're right."
Mom: Laughing.

Moral of the story is - If you want to save your nutrient-filled steamed veggie water, add it to something else that actually tastes good.


  1. Hahaha! You guys are hilarious. I miss you both!

  2. Oh my!! I guess I don't know you guys as well as I thought ;-)
    that is just hillarious!
    you know, there is a little town in Venezuela where they make onion and black bean popsicles, and all other kind of "meals" made into popsicles. Look at it here

  3. I miss you, too, Cheryl! Come visit me sometime.

    Belky - Oh wow! Those popsicles are crazy! I'm sure they taste much better than broccoli water.

  4. Yes, and the little green floaties didn't help anything. We should definitely have added some Koolaid or something. Maybe next time.


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