Monday, June 6, 2011

Lovely Weekend: Relaxing & Celebrating

Why do weekends have to fly by so quickly? This weekend was relaxing and spent with my little family. I haven't had a relaxing weekend like this for quite a while. Very much needed. Here are a few highlights.

Watched The Social Network with Husband on Friday night.

Slept in on Saturday. (Joy.) Had pancakes. Bummed around with the family.

Ran a few errands with the family.

Played with the family.

Had yummy dinner with the family.

Went to church Sunday.

My sister, brother, and brother's girlfriend came over to celebrate brother's birthday. The big 2-5. Had tons of fun. Ate good food. Laughed until we cried. Multiple times.

The best things in life really are simple.
Having loved ones around is definitely one of the very best things.

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