Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Standing at a Crossroads

We are standing at a crossroads, Husband and I.

There are two great roads in front of us.

Both have their fair share of twists, turns, and bumps.

Both show promise, great promise in leading to beautiful places we would like to go.

We have been traveling one for a while. The ride has been long and rough,
but the potential is still great off in the distance.

The other is new and exciting and brings renewed hopes for achieving our dreams,
but it, too, will be a difficult one.

We are not ready to give up on the first, and we do not want to pass by the second.

Neither one is a sure thing.
Both are roads less-traveled.

Can we do both?

Time will tell.

How do you decide between two good things?
Do you pick just one or go for both?


  1. Oooooh! Now I'm super curious!

    As for deciding, I am, (obviously), one who does not like to take on too much. I like simplicity, so I usually choose one. But that's just me. :)

  2. Sounds like a job offer :) for that, well, you know what happened with our recent decision. It's so hard choosing between two good things!! Good luck!

  3. Amanda - I think you do quite a bit and get it done very well. You also have three kids! Time suckers!

    Alli - Thanks. Good luck with your studying. Let's get together when you have a free minute.

  4. Exciting!!!
    I remember being in the same spot after David graduated. Two amazing offers and each one had it's positives and negatives. There was a lot of prayer, a lot of studying but I can say that during that time David and I became closer than ever. It was a great time for us as a couple.

    Good luck and have a good time deciding :-)

  5. Belky - Thanks for sharing your experience. Things like this definitely bring you closer as a couple. We'll get it figured out :)

    Hope you are doing well. Let us know next time you make the long trek over here. We'd love to see you!

  6. What a delightfully vague post! lol I agree with everyone - it is exciting, even if it is sometimes scary. In the end, when you handle it together with thought & prayer & discussion, you'll always be able to look back and think of it as a great time regardless of what happens. Life is a beautiful thing :)
    A guide post for us when deciding on big path/life decisions is basing it our priorities. Where do we want to be/goto and how do we want to get there. I think the how is just as important. If altering priority A will get us to priority D faster but will trample on B & C, it wouldn't be worth it to us. Balance is often difficult to find, but soooo worth it.
    Happy road traveling!
    P.S. are you on pinterest??


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