Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicken Noodle Soup

Still sick over here. Whatever we caught was some fantastic bug. The kids have been sick for over a week. It's day six for me, and I'm actually feeling worse. Boo. Being sick is no fun.

I thought I'd share my favorite chicken noodle soup recipe. It has wonderful flavor, and I love the taste of homemade chicken stock and the ability to control the amount of salt. The turnip and fresh herbs add a great flavor, too. My house always smells amazing when I make this soup. There is something about chicken noodle soup that is so comforting when you are sick. It is one of the only things that actually sounds good when I don't feel good.

Sometimes I like to throw in extra veggies. I also like to make the stock in the morning or the day before so it can chill and the fat floats to the surface. That makes it easier to skim off. I also prefer to strain it through cheesecloth because it catches all the little things that can get through a strainer.

I know the weather is warming up (or at least it is supposed to where I live), but give this soup a try next time you aren't feeling so great. You will love it.

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