Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely Weekend: Just keep swimming

Friday and Saturday were full of cutting shelf liner, organizing, unpacking, organizing, and flattening boxes. It was a full weekend. Of course, the to-do list barely looks dented, but isn't that how it always is?

We had to add a little fun to the mix. On Friday night after Husband got home, we walked to the park and played for a bit. On Saturday, we decided to go out to lunch between errands. We went to a teppanyaki place. Miss M was very concerned about the flames, but she plugged her ears and giggled the remainder of the time. She kept saying stuff to our chef. She was very polite and kept saying, "Thank you." That made me smile. The chef had some shrimp out and kept saying, "Finding Nemo" (imagine with a great accent). Miss M giggled every time.

Oh, and my hair almost caught on fire. The chef struck a match on the grill and the lit tip flew off toward my head. Luckily, it bounced off instead of sending my hair up in flames. That would have made for a very bad day.

I'm feeling a bit like Dory. Still swimming through boxes in two rooms, but love having my own space again. It's the best.

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