Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are brown eggs healthier?

Have you ever wondered, "What's the difference between white eggs and brown eggs?" Are brown eggs more nutritious? Is one better for you than another?

Maybe you already know the answer, but I sure didn't. I actually hadn't really thought much about it until a few days ago. My sister came to visit and asked me if I knew what the difference was. She told me it had to do with the chickens' earlobes. Whaaaat?

Here's the scoop on brown eggs versus white eggs. Even though many people believe brown eggs are healthier, brown and white eggs are nutritionally the same. The difference in the egg color is determined by the breed of chicken. Chicken with white feathers and white earlobes lay white eggs. Chickens with red feathers and red earlobes lay brown eggs. Oh, and one more difference is brown eggs are usually more expensive because we think they are healthier.

So, next time you are picking up eggs, check out how the chickens are treated instead of just the color of their eggs.


  1. Definitely didnt know the ear lobe part! The poor leghorns are amazing layers which got them a bum deal in our country (all our white eggs). My mom got some Barred Rocks this year :) She is trying to convince me I need to get a few hens... heh heh.

  2. Well, I think it would be cool to have chickens. I hear they are pretty easy to care for. The downside for me is my sister said she would never come visit me because she hates (is terrified) of birds. I definitely love the idea of super fresh eggs though.


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