Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sticky gum mess

About a month ago I found a wad of gum ground into the floormat of my car. At the moment, I didn't have time to try figure out how to get it out, and I soon forgot about it until a couple of nights ago when Husband and I were cleaning out the car.

I went inside and looked around at what I had on hand. I decided to see if lemon essential oil would take care of the sticky disaster. It not only smells wonderfully fresh, but it cleans wonderfully and dissolves sticky, gooey messes. I put a few drops on a rag and scrubbed for a few minutes. The gum came right up with a little elbow grease. The added bonus is my car smells delightful.

Lemon essential oil is great to have around. I love to clean with it. I'll be doing a post later about many more of its benefits.

*Make sure to do a spot test before using on fabric or upholstery and follow with a damp rag or water rinse.

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