Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovely Weekend: Hanging in there

Loving these shaded sandbox ideas to protect from the sun.

Went on a date with Husband Friday night. It's been a long time since we went out by ourselves. Saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Enjoyable. Big thanks to brother and his girly friend for watching the little monsters.

Took sister-in-law out to breakfast for her birthday Saturday morning. Yummy food. Better company. Proud of her.

Took a walk with Miss M and played outside in the dirt. Enjoyed the bit of sun we had. Love that girl.

BBQ'ed with friends on Saturday night. Wonderful to catch up and kiddos had a blast. Dirt-covered and all.

Semi-relaxing Sunday complete with a big family dinner.

Husband got sick. Miss M still coughing. Still raining. Will it ever go away? I'm not sick yet. Trying to hold out this time. Fingers crossed. Like the rain, but ready for some sunshine.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh! I LOVE the teepee cover, so cute!

    And there was a bit of a hang up in my homemade laundry soap. I use fels naptha in it. I thought it was safe and clean b/c it's super old. Turns out, it's probably not. So, I'm in the process of finding a suitable replacement. Of course, I looked all this up right AFTER making a brand new 5 gallon batch!

    And, don't get sick!


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