Monday, May 2, 2011

Lovely Weekend: Being Kind

I could really use a gorgeous piece like this.

On Saturday, we spent the day running errands and organizing our home. It's a long process, but things are slowly coming together after taking all of last week off.

On Sunday, we attended the baby blessing of Husband's coworker. It was a beautiful event and wonderful to hear the parents sweet words about their baby who was born with heart complications and had heart surgery at 5 days old. The baby is doing surprisingly well, but there will be many more surgeries to come and someday a heart transplant. The strength of some people in this world amazes me.

Sunday afternoon, I had a much-needed long nap. It was glorious.

My brother and his cute girlfriend came over for dinner. I tried a new recipe that was delicious, and we had a great time.

Sunday evening, I went with Husband to a new friend's home. She had met Husband at a benefit concert in November and invited him to come play the piano at her home. Husband played the piano and spoke to a group of young men, young women, and some of their parents about choosing to listen to inspiring and uplifting music. He did a wonderful job.

The new friends we made were so kind to us. They own a professional landscaping company and offered to help us landscape our yard for their cost. Wow. They are going to come by in the next week or two and draw up some ideas and help us get going on our yard. I'm so excited!

The generosity of people we know and new friends we meet amazes me. They are so kind to us. I hope I can be that thoughtful to my friends and people I meet in return.

Wishing you a lovely week.

Mine will be full of the last bits of unpacking, organizing, and a good deep cleaning after our sickie week.

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