Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovely Weekend: The perfect birthday surprise

Sunday was my sister's birthday. It was a milestone birthday. She is a super-hard-working doctor in her first year of residency at a children's hospital. She was in need of a little pick-me-up, so my parents decided to fly into town to surprise her for the big day. I have been so excited for weeks just anticipating her reaction and complete happiness.

I told Miss M on Saturday morning that Grandma and Grandpa were coming to surprise Aunt J for her birthday. Miss M got so excited, which was absolutely darling. She kept telling us how she was going to hide and turn the lights off and jump out to yell, "Surprise!" I hadn't even told her about any of that. It was so sweet.

We picked up balloons and J's favorite cookies. We made a sneaky plan to get into her house while she was out running. We had plenty of time because she was running 20 miles. Yep, 20 miles. J is training for the Boston marathon. Did I mention she's amazing? Well, she is. She really is.

I stood at my post by the front window watching for J to arrive. Finally I saw her and announced she was coming. Miss M and my parents quickly hid. J walked through the door, and Miss M jumped out and shouted, "SURPRISE!" J knew I was coming over with the kids, so she pretended to be surprised to see Miss M. Two seconds later my parents jumped out and yelled, "SURPRISE!!!" It was so perfect! J was completely shocked and so happy. After J got ready, we headed out the door for a fun birthday celebration.

We spent Sunday evening together as a family. In addition to my sister, I also have a brother who, unfortunately, was unable to make it to the surprise birthday bash on Saturday. He also lives close by. It's great when our parents come to visit, and we can spend time with all of us together. Family is our favorite after all. It is everything to us.

Did you have a lovely weekend?


  1. HI.....I'm your newest follower! Lovely blog!
    What a wonderful birthday surprise for your sister.
    Amy's Life @

  2. I had a great weekend!!! That was such a fun surprise. Thank you for a fun weekend and your sweet comments...btw love the new blog, but I miss the pics of Mr. T and Miss M on the family blog. Can you put up a few? Love you! J.


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