Friday, March 25, 2011

Make A Change: Safe food storage containers

One of my goals this year is to make small changes to improve the health of my family and our environment at home. These changes may not be tangible and may be hard to really assess, but I believe small changes over a long time can add up and make a huge difference in the long run.

Ever since learning about the possibility of harmful chemicals leaching out of plastic food storage containers, I've been wanting to switch out all of our plastic food storage containers to safer alternatives. We've been using the cheap take and toss type containers for quite a while. They get little pits in the plastic, get stained, and generally end up looking pretty disgusting.

I've been wanting to buy glass containers for a while, and just hadn't done it yet. Earlier this week I finally made the jump. I bought an 18-piece Pyrex set that I'm pretty excited about. (Dorky, I know.) The containers are made of borosilicate glass, and the lids are made of plastic that is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

There are many other great glass containers and some plastic alternatives that are also free of these harmful chemicals and considered safe for food storage. I am planning on purchasing some plastic containers that won't be used in the microwave once I decide which ones I want. I'll keep you posted.

Do you prefer glass or plastic for your food storage?

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  1. This is one of MANY things I never, ever thought about before having a baby. We are officially Glass Fans all the way!

  2. I don't like the plastic disposable ones that I use for leftovers. They get stained so easily. I need to purchase the glass ones like you did. What was the approx. cost of that set?

  3. Caren - The set was a little over $30 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with a coupon.

  4. I need better containers too. Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!!

  5. I love my glass containers though I didn't get a full set (envious). It's all about these little changes for your family. If getting excited about storage containers is dorky, I'm right there with you.
    Thanks for stopping by Foodtrainers.

  6. I never thought about the whole plastic thing until reading this! Looks like I will be switching to glass too! Thanks for visiting me today!

  7. Absolutely! I changed mine about a year ago. They clean easier also!

  8. long as they are not from China!

  9. I've always wanted woods and glasses for my house, when I one. But I guess using plastic is inevitable in these times, I just have to find some safer ones.

    Good luck to little changes, they sure do have impact in whatsoever way... in time.


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