Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yoga X with Tony and the kiddos

Thursday morning. I hear my Mr. T alarm go off. I roll over to see what time it is. 6:00 am. Ugh. A little earlier than the last few days. Well, at least I can go workout, I think to convince myself this is a good thing. I tip-toe out of my room and scoop up my little munchkin. He's so sweet and cuddly in the morning, even if he does wake me up awfully early these days. I am hoping I can get in a decent chunk of Yoga X before Miss M wakes up. I miss those quiet workouts when it was just me.

I get Mr. T his milk and change out of my pajamas. I pop the Yoga X DVD in and see Tony's face. I'm getting a little tired of hanging out with Tony so much, but I love my Yoga X. Four minutes in, and I get to wide-legged forward bend. Mr. T is sitting on the floor right next to me. I try to focus on my breathing and wake up my cold muscles when I feel a tiny finger in my nose. I turn my head further so I'm out of reach. It works. Then I feel a not-so-gentle tug on my hair. Am I really going to make it through this today?

A few more minutes go by, and I hear Miss M open her door. I pause Tony to give her a hug and put Mr. T in his high chair for some confinement and breakfast.

"The TV might have to think if you leave it paused too long," I hear Miss M say.

I get out some bananas and cereal and head back to the mat. Moving on to Warrior II.

"I'm stuck! I'm stuck!" I hear Miss M say.

I pause Tony and head into the kitchen. I find Miss M with a plastic necklace around her leg that is tied to another one stuck on the cabinet handle.

"There you go sweetie."

I put another handful of cereal on Mr. T's tray as I walk by. Back to the mat. I make it to twisting triangle pose. Miss M comes running in with her necklaces and slips one around my wrist. She starts to do downward dog with me. Every time she does yoga poses with me, I think it is the cutest thing, especially in her footie jammies. Then the necklace makes it onto my neck. Miss M hugs and kisses my leg. Then she climbs on my leg, and I give her a hug which makes balancing slightly more difficult.

I make it to Warrior III. The end is drawing near. Miss M knocks me off balance, and we fall over laughing. We get back up, and I finish the sequence.

I get Mr. T out of his high chair, and he pulls my hair and pounds on my back while I end with some stretches and give him tickles.

We survived another workout. Although I like to workout on my own because I can get through it a little faster, I wouldn't trade these moments for anything.

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  1. I just read this. I love those kids...totally made me laugh. I think you have so much patience it's amazing!


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