Friday, March 4, 2011

Word of Wisdom Living

I stumbled upon a blog called Word of Wisdom Living in the beginning of January. At first glance, I knew I would be hooked. Word of Wisdom Living discusses the Mormon law of health, the Word of Wisdom, and the healthy benefits achieved by following it. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each post. I think our society is in much need of a diet makeover. By diet I don't mean "going on a diet" but how we eat on a regular basis - a lifestyle.

This past week, Mr. Hellewell visited the bread aisle at his local grocery store. His goal was to analyze the nutrient content of every type of bread. Such a daunting task! I was only semi-shocked at the results he found. Out of the 70 breads reviewed, only two met the criteria for being whole grain and having more grams of natural fiber than grams of sugar. Two! That's absolutely terrible! It's very disheartening to see our food supply in such pathetic shape.
Mr. Hellewell provides a simple plan for changing our diets one step at a time by giving a weekly challenge. We all know it's easier to make small changes over a long period of time than it is to make large changes in a small amount of time.

Head on over to Word of Wisdom Living and see what healthy changes you can make in your life today and in the weeks to come.

*To learn more about the Word of Wisdom go here.

All photos courtesy of Word of Wisdom Living by April Hellewell Dickson.


  1. That's so true. Small changes are easier to stick with than sudden major overhauls. So far my husband has switched to wheat tortillas and wheat spaghetti but he seems to have drawn the line at giving up his white bread. :0)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  2. Healthy eating is something I have been trying to do myself. I read labels and am incorporating more fruits and veggies in our life.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I am your 1st follower! Yay for me! Have a great weekend.

  3. Great link! Thanks for sharing. I'll be following then - I need to eat healthier and I love having help :)

  4. Laura,
    Thank you for your comment on Family Volley. It made my day. Really.

    I hope you will find lots of things you can use with your own family and that you will share your thoughts while your there.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You answered my question. You are not LDS. Word of Wisdom eating is just that... wise, no matter who you are. Thanks for the link.


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